Storm... Well... Not exactly

It started with total silence and 30°C in the evening. Water like a mirror and sun setting behind the horizon. Recipe for thunderstorms.
And the weather service predicted thunderstorms. Warnings all over the place and the marine VHF going berserk with people wanting the latest position of the front. Dûh! Why do you need a totally outdated radio service, when you can have internet? VHF radio... useful on the North Sea maybe, but not while in reach of every major telecom provider... 
But the outlook was somewhat grim. So I took my precautions. Even if it's tough to wear foul weather gear in 30°C... I persevered... Safety first... Ended up wetter on the inside of the suit than on the outside.
Next time they predict severe weather, I'll lie down on my bunk and drink wine. Sod It!