Thursday, April 17


Castle Kerckebosch, looking much older than the 110 years that it really is. And that's thanks to oddball esquire Lintelo de Geer. Like a 19th beach comber, he like to collect ancient building materials and had the means to build a country cottage with them. He even managed to acquire two antique doors from the Utrecht Cathedral. So you'll find various details referring to local noble families in this place, as well as from demolished/refurbished Amsterdam merchant houses.

Who cares. It was sold in 1947 and converted into the charming hotel it is today...

Saturday, March 15


Put a nice personal touch to your favorite series....
Titanium and Tantalum are two of the most corrosion resistant construction materials available. Tantalum in particular is expensive, costing over $ 400 per kg and the annual production is usually below 1000 tons. Although 'Tantalite' was discovered in Sweden, today Australia is the primary mining area. Tantalum is usually found together with Niobium, in itself a valuable alloying element.
The ore is called Tantalite if it contains more Tantalum than Niobium; if it contains more Niobium than Tantalum, it's called Columbite. Before 1949 Niobium was called Columbium. Of course American metalurgists stuck to the name Columbium, in the way Americans always stick to archaic nomenclature and units.

That concludes this bit of knowledge that you'll probably never use again...

Monday, March 3

Carnaval Delft

En ja hoor, ook in Delft carnaval. Inclusief een optocht - één dag te vroeg - op zondag. Moedeloos maar even een happie gedaan bij 't Postkantoor. Sinds 1890 ons hoofdpostkantoor, maar 'tante pos' is door haar management gemaakt tot een derderangs bedrijf, dat uitsluitend nog uit garageboxen, op schimmige bedrijven terreintjes, z'n werk doet en dat laat afleveren door onderbetaalde - meestal slecht nederlands sprekende - figuren in doorgeroeste Mercedesbusjes.
Enfin... ons Postkantoor is nu een enorme kroeg, met een jaren '50 inrichting en daarmee wat huiselijke sfeer. 

Jammer dat bij thuiskomst de Denon DMA-725R begint te roken en knetteren. Daar moet dus ook weer een nieuwe voor komen en voorlopig geen muziek... Achteraf gezien, zou het me niets verbazen dat deze brand voorkomen had kunnen worden met een tijdige stofzuigbeurt.

Friday, February 28

Bonn (2)

 And there it is in the Bonngasse, Ludwig van Beethoven's birthplace. Unfortunately closed after office hours... For those interested, the addition "van" to the name is not German at all, It's Dutch. German nobility would have the addition "von" to the name. However Ludwig was from Flamish/Dutch descendence, it was just that his granddad decided to move to Germany...

A good thing about Bonn - and probably Germany in general - is that it has shops that have become nearly extinct in the Netherlands, where their function was taken over by chains and internet years ago. Here you find individual retailers, selling quality household things, photographers that actually supply anything that has to do with cameras (instead of specializing in selling boxes with new mid-range models) and street vendors that don't sell shit, but a very decent snack. It's just as if the Germans still appreciate craftmanship. Funny, because their super markets are quite the opposite; low cost low quality chains with a dreadful selection. Even if they have a specialized name like "Getränkemarkt" (liquor store), it's hard to find a high quality local liquor! Those usually sell low cost beer, unknown brands of cola and dubious whiskeys. You might as well go to the local gas station, where they sell liquor too (which is banned from gas stations all over Europe, except in Germany...). 

Oh... and like Köln (Cologne) they have a Rhein Bridge too... (jus not as beautiful as the one in Cologne). 

Friday, February 21


Staying a week in Bonn is much livelier than Wesseling. Even if more posh, the only things the Hilton really adds to this stay are a gym and the tripple beer price.
Bonn however, the former capital of the Bundesrepublik Deutschland (BRD), has a certain charm. On the banks of the Rhine River (North Rhine-Westphalia), the city was founded in the first century BC, as a Roman settlement. As such Bonn is one of Germany's oldest cities. Also the composer Ludwig van Beethoven was born here in 1712 in the Bonngasse, close to the Martkplatz (market place) where this pompous 1737 Town Hall is. Using German logic, they put his monument somewhere else on the Münsterplatz....
Driving in Bonn can be somewhat of an issue. The right lane often is narrower than a car due to the bicycle lane to its right. More often than not, a truck - unloading cargo - is parked on the right/bicycle lane forcing both cyclists and motorists into the fast lane. For the unprepared and unfamiliar driver, rush hour can be nightmarish start of the working day...

Een verblijf in Bonn is een stuk levendiger dan in Wesseling. Zelfs wanneer de enige extra's die het Hilton heeft te bieden een fitness ruimte en driedubbele bierprijs zijn.
Bonn - de voormalige hoofdstad van de Bondsrepubliek Duitsland - heeft zo z'n charmes. De Romeinen stichtten het rond de eerste eeuw voor Christus aan de Rijn (Noordrijn-Westfalen). Daarmee is Bonn één van de oudste steden in Duitsland.
Ook de componist Ludwig van Beethoven komt hier vandaan. Hij werd geboren in de Bonngasse vlakbij dit pompeuze stadhuis op de markt uit 1737. Met Duitse logica is z'n standbeeld op een heel andere plek geplaatst, namelijk de Münsterplatz.
Overigens is autorijden in Bonn even een dingetje. De rechter rijbaan is vaak smaller dan een auto vanwege het  goed gebruikte fietspad. En vrijwel altijd staat er wel ergens een lossende vrachtwagen geparkeerd, waardoor zowel autoverkeer als fietsers de linkerbaan op slingeren. Voor de daarop onvoorbereide en ter plaatse onbekende automobilist, kan dat bepaald een stressvol begin van de werkdag zijn...

Thursday, February 13

German adventure

Travelling again, though it's barely a three hour drive from Delft to Wesseling Germany. Here Hotel Am Rhein offers you a warm welcome and a room with a view. But that's about all that Wesseling has to offer. So after staring over the river for Rhine towards the refinery, for the fourth night, I'm all ready to go home. Home, where it rains too and the weather service predicts the second storm of 2014.
River Rhine near Wesseling, in the background Godorf Refinery

Saturday, January 25


Anja in Vietnam isn't always easy. But I can certainly get used to the limitless supply of curry spiced pork belly at odd times of the day... 

Anja in Vietnam is niet altijd even makkelijk. Maar ik kan zeker wennen aan de oneindige hoeveelheid met kerrie gekruide speklappen op rare tijdstippen... 

Friday, January 24

Binge Watching

Binge watching again... Nice series and drags on forever!

Saturday, January 11

Anja's adventures

Anja's underway for her 7 month oriental adventure. More on her blog Meanwhile, I'm counting down to the time when KL876 brings her back:

Wednesday, January 1

Happy 2014!

By DroneFoto's using a DJI Phantom F550 and a GoPro.