Friday, May 22

Some left-over pictures from Sicily

Cefalu inside the Duomo and the petrol station in the centre of a roundabout
Pollina Duomo and its entrance

Thursday, May 21

Etna... some odd pictures...

Cable car up Mount Etna and picturing your stuffed Kermit while the mountain spewes an ash cloud?
Black-top snow and why building your house in the path of a lava flow is not a good idea... 
Automatic panorama functions on cameras; not always a blessing!

Wednesday, May 20


Remnants of a Roman villa
Halaesa, an ancient Greek colony founded in the fifth century BC and was abandoned during Arab domination of Sicily. It is near the town of Tusa and came to prosperity under Roman imperial rule. The central square (Agora), a roman villa and part of the wall surrounding it have been dug up. A roman road leading into the city is under excavation.

Italian: Alesa Arconidea

On the left the Roman road; on the right a magnificent viewon the Autostrada which runs right through the mountains. 

Tuesday, May 19


Quattro Canti, officially known as Piazza Vigliena; a baroque octagonal 'piazza'
 Palermo isn't exactly 'love at first sight'. Even if noted for its history, culture, architecture and gastronomy; despite the many  important roles it played throughout its 2700 year existence. True, it harbours many - mostly Gothic - monuments and the municipality is very busy redeveloping the city, to restore many of the delapidated beautiful buildings. But it's extremely busy and with some very peculiar back-street alleys..I'm afraid, the city just isn't my place; if it were, I would've had more pictures...
 Palermo is niet direct 'liefde op het eerste gezicht'. Zelfs al heeft het een naam voor historie, cultuur, architectuur en gastronomie; ondanks de belangrijke rol die het gespeeld heeft in de regio gedurende z'n 2700 jarig bestaan. Natuurlijk, er zijn vele - meest gotische - monumenten en het stadsbestuur werkt hard aan een herontwikkeling, om de ontelbare vervallen maar mooie gebouwen weer in oorspronkelijke staat te herstellen. Maar het is extreem druk en met wat eigenaardige achterafstraatjes. Ik ben bang dat de stad gewoon niet mijn ding is; als het dat wel was, had ik wel meer foto's gehad...
'Duomo' inside and outside; an architectural complex of different styles, due to a long history of additions, alterations and restorations (the last in the 18th century).

Monday, May 18

Gole Alcantara

The name Alcantara is of Arabic origin (al-Qanṭarah meaning 'the Arch'). The 'Gole' offers canyons up to 50 meters deep, which you can traverse when the water is low, later in the season. Right now, there's still too much meltwater coming down the mountain slopes and people use the side of the fast fowing river as a local beach.

The walls have a weird over-saturated grey colour and appear checkered, or built from piled up boulders.

Forget about the botanical garden, nice for scenery and shade, but nothing to be excited about...

Sunday, May 17


Panorama op Taormina en de kust/Panorama down Taromina and the coast
Opgebouwd als bijna elk bergdorp hier op Sicilië. Een roversnest - inmiddels ruïne - op de top en een dorp met steile smalle straatjes eromheen. Het roversnest - de meeste reisgidsen noemen het kasteel - stamt typisch uit de Griekse, Arabische of Normaanse overheersing; in veel gevallen uit alle drie.
Je kunt niet ontkennen dat Castelmola het dorp is met de meeste panorama's. Vrijwel 360 graden kijk je van het binnenland, over Taomina, de kustlijn en vulkaan Etna.
Built like many mountain villages on Sicily. The local warlord's lair - usually in ruins - at the summit and a village with narrow steep streets around it. The warlord's den typically ages from the Greek, Arab or Norman domination; in a lot of cases from all three.
You can't deny, Castelmola has more panoramic views than any other. Almost 360 degrees around, you look over the interior, Taormina, the coast and Mount Etna.
Met de klok mee, "Bar Turissi", Heilige Maagd in Dom La Chiesa Madre, kenmerkend straatje en de San Giorgio kerk.
Clockwise "Bar Turissi", "Holy Mary in Church La Chiesa Madre", typical street and San Giorgio Church (1460). 

Saturday, May 16

Etna (2)

So when Etna is relatively quiet again, you drive up a mountain road to the scenic village of Castelmola and make another panorama of the big bad mountain.
More Castelmola later...