Sunday, March 1

Big Dig Delft (part 34)

 De werkzaamheden naderen hun climax. Op 28 februari rijdt de eerste trein volgens dienstregeling door de tunnel. Daarmee opent NS ook het nieuwe ondergrondse station voor het publiek. Het oude monumentale stationsgebouw staat nog steeds centraal op het stationsplein en zal als grand café verder door het leven gaan.
Ter afscheid zetten toneelgroepen langs het ongebruikte spoor karakteristieke personen en situaties neer. Het plaatje eindigt in het oude lege station, waar de informatie borden netjes melden dat er wegens werkzaamheden geen treinverkeer is...  
 Big Dig Delft is at its climax. February 28 will see the first regular train through the tunnel. With that, the new underground railway station opens. The old monumental station will reincarnate into Grand Café.
To commemorate, theatre along the disused tracks, impersonates characteristic people and situations. The living painting runs for 1.5 km and ends at the empty old station. There the information panels still warn that train services are disrupted due to construction work....
Koos de Roos heeft waarschijnlijk de sterkste link met het viaduct. Hij was de enige die jaren lang z'n bloemen verkocht onder het viaduct. Koos de Roos, who had is flower stall underneath the railway bridge. 

De informatie voorziening van NS is uitmuntend... 

Je kunt nu ten minste veilig op de sporen staan, blik richting station waar alles nog werkt alsof er straks een trein komt.
Now it's safe to walk the tracks and look at the station where everything still works as if another train is inbound.

Saturday, February 14

Big Dig Delft (part 33)

It's been a while since the last "Big Dig" episode. So long ago, that both tunnels are now ready and by the end of next week, the first train will depart from the new underground station. Molen de Roos is back on its original location - now on top of the tunnel - and fully functional again... 
Top and bottom foto, view to the South and the North from the windmill. Sandwiched between those, the mill's exterior and interior. 

Two more pictures with the Oude Kerk ... 

Friday, February 6


The haunted hotel this week...

KLM logo overlkill...  I'm back home!

Sunday, February 1

Proper Music

Have to admire the B&W CM9 with Denon DAC and NAD Amplifier. Proper sound! Enjoy it when I'm back and will miss it next week...

Thursday, January 29

Doha (Part 2)

Packing luggage for two weeks, in a way that KLM accepts it as carry-on luggage is not a small achievement. I'm quite proud, I managed to squeeze in 5 sets of formal clothing, 3 sets for the weekend, three pairs of shoes, toiletries two laptops, a tablet, three electrical adapters and one yellow rubber bath duck.
 Doha rewards the traveller with a spectacular light show on the Corniche. After all it's Saturday night and the last day of the Middle East weekend.

The lights are from one of the large hotels. In Doha you need to be fashionable. You need to be seen. You need to show off. And where better than in a trendy purple hotel bar?
The large chain hotels are all in a race to own the largest, shiniest, loudest, 'baddest', hotel bar of all hotel bars.
My "Hilton" just opened the latest addition to this landscape: "High Heels". Slogan: "Step out into the Spotlight." And that pretty much summarizes it all. From the arrival in the most expensive car, the designer bags, sleezy cocktails to the huge out door dance floor.

The view from the hotel room is breathtaking, though. Not just people show off in Doha. The buildings themselves show off. Each new one - and new ones are constructed continuously - is bigger, more expensively finished and more oddly shaped than its predecessors.

A look through my room window at night, proofs this extends to their nightly appearance.
In all honesty, this is how I spend my week-end. Not in a flashy night club, but 'all you can eat' desserts and 'letting out the duck' in the bath tub. 
And before you know it, it's another foggy Sunday morning (first working day of the week)....

With a view from the office (left), Doha's other hallmarks like cars, construction and offices (middle), and the the office (right).

Thursday, January 1

Happy 2015

Happy and prosperous 2015 to all with two pictures from Delft last night.

Mobile phone quality of course...