Bonn (2)

 And there it is in the Bonngasse, Ludwig van Beethoven's birthplace. Unfortunately closed after office hours... For those interested, the addition "van" to the name is not German at all, It's Dutch. German nobility would have the addition "von" to the name. However Ludwig was from Flamish/Dutch descendence, it was just that his granddad decided to move to Germany...

A good thing about Bonn - and probably Germany in general - is that it has shops that have become nearly extinct in the Netherlands, where their function was taken over by chains and internet years ago. Here you find individual retailers, selling quality household things, photographers that actually supply anything that has to do with cameras (instead of specializing in selling boxes with new mid-range models) and street vendors that don't sell shit, but a very decent snack. It's just as if the Germans still appreciate craftmanship. Funny, because their super markets are quite the opposite; low cost low quality chains with a dreadful selection. Even if they have a specialized name like "Getränkemarkt" (liquor store), it's hard to find a high quality local liquor! Those usually sell low cost beer, unknown brands of cola and dubious whiskeys. You might as well go to the local gas station, where they sell liquor too (which is banned from gas stations all over Europe, except in Germany...). 

Oh... and like Köln (Cologne) they have a Rhein Bridge too... (jus not as beautiful as the one in Cologne).