Malacca Strait North of Lankawi

Kilim Geoforest Park
Pulau Lankawi, some say it is "The Jewel of Kedah" which is the state or sultanate the island falls under. Despite the many theories where the name comes from, nobody really knows and for long time it was the safe haven for pirates that raided the Malacca Strait. Until the British got sick of that and - with their Royal Navy no longer engaged in World War Two - cleared the island of the delinquents. With peace restored, the island returned to its state of a quiet backwater. Which to the most extend it still is, even if the tourist industry has more or less taken over the island, particularly since it has been declared tax exempt.
For a tourist destination, there is surprisingly little to do on the island. Probably one of the reasons the sultan decided to build the massive sky bridge overlooking the rain forests of Gunung Mat Cincang. And while a visit to the mangrove forest and diving certainly are recommended, most tourists use the island to do absolutely nothing, using the hotel swimming pool as a waiting room for Happy Hour.

And since nine out of ten times you'll fly to Lankawi through Malaysia's capital Kuala Lumpur, have a look at the Petronas Towers at night - where I had to be for work..
Petronas Towers home of Malaysia's state oil corp.