Den Helder Naval Base

Royal Dutch Navy. There was a time when Den Helder was almost too small for the twenty frigates in the KortenaerTromp and van Speijk class. With the added submarines, supply and support vessels, you wonder how there was room for a yacht club.
Well... there wasn't. But even if the Dutch navy tried to ban commercial and recreational traffic in the port of Den Helder, especially the latter were difficult to get rid off. Most likely because the majority of their own personnel liked fooling around with boats.
Almost half of the Naval officers in the Royal Dutch Navy is a member of the Royal Dutch Naval Yacht Club. Founded in 1899, it was granted the Royal status as early as 1901. Teamwork, leadership quality, seamanship and other lofty principles always ensured support from the Navy leadership. Fortunately they admit visitors when they have room. So we can do what would get you arrested back in those good old cold war days: Making panorama pictures.

Today The Netherlands has only 6 frigates left, two of which close to obsolescence. The once capable anti submarine outfit probably might have a hard time sinking the Foxtrot sub from the previous post....