Unlikely neighbours

Two unlikely neighbours, a submarine and the former radio 'pirate' Veronica.
That submarine is an 1956 built Foxtrot class submarine. A type of diesel-electric Russian boat, that was completely obsolete by the time it was launched. Not an uncommon disease in Soviet Russia. During the big scrap (1995 - 2000) this particular boat was sold to a Dutch architect who moored it at the former NDSM shipyard. What happened next is legal acrobatics, but the boat ended in the hands of a Turkish company. Last news around Easter 2013, is that the ship would be towed to a scrapyard in Cyprus that same weekend.....
The Veronica story is only a little different. The ship's name is not Veronica. It's Nordeney, a 1949 built trawler but much more famous for its service between 1964 and 1974 as transmitter platform for radio station Veronica, than its adventures in the waters around Greenland as a fishing vessel. The rest is history.... This ship too became part of a legal ownership carousel. Since the end of 2013 it's here at the former NDSM shipyard.