Eve of departure

Day 0 - Eve of

Everything packed. Remarkable how important chargers are nowadays. The phone, tablet, laptop, photo camera, even the helmet -with its built-in bluetooth set - has one of these usb connectors!
Then there is the mandatory equipment. I never carry any of that stuff around in the Netherlands, but in France they have rediculous requirements and I have convinced myself that the French police are looking for stupid tourists like me to fill their coffers with the revenues from fines.
So we have a yellow trafic safety vest, two breathalyser tests, a first aid kit and a payment chip for the toll roads (péage); I hope they condone the absence of a 2 kg fire extinguisher...

Oh... and the American GFS model is right - KNMI was wrong - it will be raining tomorrow... (ZyGrib is a very usefull little program)