Too early

Zion Canyon
When I was 23, a typical day on holiday started at one in the afternoon and ended at four in the morning. Where and when changed that? The second time this week that our day starts at 4.30 in the morning and we're hiking at five!
But not many can say they've made friends with a squirrel. And "no we didn't feed it" (that is forbidden)! It stayed at our feet for part of the hike. Midway the animal decided it was time for a 'fotoshoot' and let us come as close as 30 cm.
Owning guinea pigs, you think it sensed I have a thing with rodents? 

Two other pictures from Zion National Park. I can get used to these views.... And in fact pictures of the deep canyon and coloured rock, almost feel routine. But it shouldn't. It's a beautiful place!
More tonight at sunset...