Lysefjord to Lysebotn
Lysefjord is Norway's most southern deep fjord. Asymmetrically formed by tons of glacier ice during the ice ages, its northern side is marked by steep cliffs while the ice grinded its northern slope into smoothed rock. At least at the western side of the fjord. The eastern end is steep cliffs on both sides.
Lysefjord means 'light fjord' and by lack of good explanation, they say the name comes from the relatively lightly coloured granite rocks towering  over 1000 meter above.
Lysefjord bridge marking the entrance to the fjord
Our destination is Lysebotn at the very end of the fjord about 23 nm further away. Lysebotn is home to about 300 MW of hydro electric power plants and a ferry terminal. It is also extremely scenic and the coming three days look promising, weather-wise. We sail of with a 20 knot wind in the back and race through the fjord, while the weather improves every hour. In the back of our heads, there is a little warning bell that the favorable wind means that Lysebotn will be an extreme lee. Indeed we enjoy a rough ride on our fenders before the wind abates in the evening, when we get a glorious and peaceful view of the fjord.
Moored at Lysebotn, the first evening accompanied by a French yacht
Life's pace at Lysebotn is slow. Best demonstrated by the two Belgian boats that moor behind us. The next morning their crew is cutting mussels from the jetty supports by the bucket; enough for all six of them. Until two in the afternoon they're cleaning and cooking before they embark on a mussel and whine spree that lasts well into the evening.
We just enjoy the sun and drink beer - at the very Norwegian price of € 10 per can - on the terrace of the nearby Youth Hostel. The place is largely populated by people working very hard to look as much as Jesus in a Roman Catholic church as possible. But Jesus never did any base-jumping - none of the Gospels mention it - and base jumping is what these guys come here for. The level of trust is very high; everywhere in the bar you find temporarily abandoned Apple and Alienware lap tops. Their owners dozing off outside in the sun. It makes the place feel very communal. And... nice...
View from terrace into the fjord