South bound

Makkum - Medemblik
After collecting four of those rediculous marina wrappers, that you have to glue to your back stay, we're ready to go. Weather fine, wind acceptable - even for Anja - and almost out of water.
Water in Makkum was available via a 1" threaded valve only. We saw even the large charter skippers struggle, but at least they use 1" hoses to 'fill her up'. So with some improvising and carefully dosed  violence, they got by. Our filler is just 3/4" and the normal garden hose we use less than 1/2".
Sod it. We didn't bother, two of our three water tanks were full, which means 180 liters of water. Enough for 4 days, even if you do shower on board. And I admit that indulging into an onboard shower on my own boat, is one of those luxuries I will not abstain from...
Now... you  might think: "What is this taurine excrement?"

Well.. if your first day of sailing after four days, looks like this? Do you expect a more interesting blog post than this?